At Boavida, we are specialists in the design and manufacture of conveyors and magnetic systems for all metal Can & Aerosol formats, such as:

-         Three piece food cans; Ø52, Ø65, Ø66, Ø73, Ø74, Ø83, Ø84, Ø99, Ø105, Ø127, Ø153, Ø159mm.

-         Two    piece food cans; Ø52, Ø73, Ø83, Ø99, Ø105, Ø153mm.

-         Oval, rectangular, square cans.

-         Beer and Beverage Cans ( 3 piece cans, 2 piece cans).

-         Pails up to Ø286mm.

-         All aerosol diameters.

-         All Ø and measurements for lids, ends, easy open, etc..

We are also specialists in the design and manufacture of roller conveyors and other type of packaging transports.

Our conveyors and magnetic systems are built on a base of anodized aluminium profile, if required can be manufactured in stainless steel.