Cardanic Chain Conveyors

These type of conveyors are suitable for transporting body cans, cans and pails. Normally used for medium or big diameters and with no limit in height, this chain rotates laterally, so the chain drive is made by a single motor at the output of the conveyor. The chain is covered by a metal sheet to prevent   wear and avoid deformation of bodies. Discs will be placed on the curves to improve performance.

Optionally pneumatic lifting bars can be added  to improve performance and to avoid deformations when there is an existing accumulation of body cans. The output of this equipment is usually the input of bodies to the beader/expanding, flanging or seaming machine.

Roller Chain Conveyors

Roller Chain conveyors are suitable for transporting bodies (cans, pails or aerosol), and  can be used for highest speed productions. Depending on the type of body to transport, the roller chain can be simplex, duplex, triplex, quadruplex or simplex on two sides. 

Transfer disks will be added to make turns.

Optionally on the transfer disks a dispenser system (star disk) can be added to allow an accumulation of bodies. 

Side flexing Conveyors

These type of conveyors are suitable for transporting cans, aerosol and pails. Used for different finalities, like straight conveyor, curved conveyor, conveyor for avoiding crossing, output horizontal Seamer, etc..used mainly for low and medium speeds. 

Conveyor belts

The Conveyor belts are suitable for transporting all kind of ends, rings, lids, and cans or body cans. They are also used as Elevators and Loweretors. 

Capable of being used for  high speeds.